Today all players within the ICE (Information. Communication & Entertainment) service industry face the challenge to provide cost-efficient offerings meeting customer individual requirements and integrating an increasing number of technological innovations. Traditional approaches sealed in technological stovepipes have lead to exponential multiplication of product / process / platform islands with limited integration possibilities.

To achieve efficiency and agility in their business operations, ICE market players need to revisit their operation model and transform their business and systems approaches to remain successful as agile and lean market driven organizations.

Business & sytems transformation for ICE market players  (technology suppliers, software vendors, service providers, enterprises) is "on Air"

Major business and systems transformation projects are already ongoing, building on a holistic service oriented architecture (SOA) and leveraging the tmforum Frameworx (eTOM, SID, TAM, TNA), aiming to conciliate effectiveness, agility & efficiency.

Solid business and systems transformation projects build on estabLIshed industry standards

Formulating business goals, collecting and structring requirements, designing and implementing the related solution and consolidating all implementations along a common architecture is a quite complex endavour. Established industry standards such as:

  • Enterprise Architecture - EA
  • tmforum Frameworx (eTOM, SID, TAM, TNA)
  • Service Oriented Architecture - SOA
  • Business Process Management - BPM
  • Unified Modelling Language - UML

provide the reference along which Edelweiss Service Consulting has designed its unique transformation methodologies.

For all players in the ICE service industry, Edelweiss Service Consulting offers their range of professionnal services

Edelweiss Service Consulting professional services focus on portfolio and business architecture for the ICE service industry and cover consulting, coaching and training services in following areas of expertise: Enterprise Architecture (Process, Information & Application Architectures), Business Analysis, Requirements Engineering and Portfolio Modelling.

Edelweiss Service Consulting, your partner for your business & systems transformation

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